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The Bare Necessities

updateelle5.png We were naked, the four of us, except for the boots on our feet and the bundles of heavy, mismatched clothing that we held to our torsos.. The stiff wind blew up my backside and the other models let out a collective groan as they felt it too... (read more)

Apr. 01, 2014

18 Ways to Seriously Anger a Stripper

updateelle4.png When you piss off a bartender, she's gonna let you know it. When you piss off a waiter, he's gonna let you taste it. But most professional strippers deserve an Oscar for keeping up appearances and not putting a spiked heel in your eye when you break the rules... (read more)

Feb. 12, 2014

Elle & Others Taste-test Lubes, Edible Panties & More for Thrillest

updateelle3.png Sure, E. L. James might have spiced up 'vanilla' sex in the suburbs, but what about actual, honest-to-goodness vanilla-flavored sex? In honor of Valentine's Day, Thrillest braved an adult novelty shop in search of a smorgasbord of edible 'romantic aids'... (read more)

Feb. 12, 2014

Let's All Laugh About Abuse via Twitter

updateelle2.png I have no idea who Kelly Oxford is, but she ruined my Imgur experience last night. The mindless right clicking that gives me so much joy was quickly interrupted when I realized that my existence was once again, being pigeonholed... (read more)

Jul. 10, 2013

Erotic Muse in Exotic Magazine (July 2013)

updateellexmagjul13.png They had introduced themselves as Canadians, not that they needed to. It didn't take a well-trained ear to immediately discern the tickling inflection with which they spoke, and the rounding of their 'os'... (read more)

Jul. 01, 2013

The 25 Hottest Strippers on Instagram

updateelle1.png Instagram is full of sexy ladies, but it takes a special something to catch the eye of's editors, especially when they're compiling a master list of the hottest strippers on Instagram. Well, Elle made the list! Check it out... (read more)

Mar. 12, 2013