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1HRx Entertainment has been hosting Bacon Cup for three consecutive years. Starting as the Portland Bacon Cup at Ash Street Saloon (2011, 2012) and moving to Dante's (2013), this food-tastic event keeps getting bigger and better. For 2014, we plan on taking Bacon Cup on the road, with dates all over the Northwest, including Seattle, Olympia, Eugene, Arcata and, of course, Portland.

What is Bacon Cup? Basically, we took the idea behind Cannabis Cup and swapped the weed for bacon. Local businesses and chefs compete to make the best bacon-infused product, audience judges taste the samples and everyone goes home a winner in one way or another! Even Jews and Muslims are welcome... we will make sure to have turkey bacon. And of course, absolutely nothing for the vegans. That, our friends, is a "win-win" scenario.

Musical acts grace the stage alongside comedians and local celbrities, plus audience members get to witness the spectacle that is Stripper Bacon Wrestling! Prevoius years' performances were so raw that websites including Gawker immediately picked up the video footage. We will be updating this here page shortly, with a list of previous sponsors, winners and, of course, some kickass pics and video!

... yes, that will include the gallery of the girls wrestling in lard (SFW, even).

-1HRx Staff

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